Welcome to my new site!

I’ve created this blog to showcase documentary and creative videos I’ve made, as well as share my (Kallisto’s) dance videos, and other artistic endeavors by me and others in the film, music, dance and arts world, and provide a space for groups and individuals to contact me for consultation/collaboration.  Just getting started, so excuse the relatively bare page for a bit while I get more stuff up!

I am starting up a freelance video career to supplement my work in the nonprofit world, so please contact me if you are looking for a promo video, documentary or event video! I film and edit. Especially if you are self-employed, a small nonprofit or business, or a volunteer grassroots organization.  Contact me and we’ll discuss rates and also BARTERING for services. Here are some videos I’ve done to date (more on the way!):

Promo video:

One Billion Rising Pittsburgh: 

Experimental Film (school project):

As some may know, I am currently a student of belly dance and have been performing belly dance fusion pieces and LOVE being creative in fusing traditional and folkloric styles with modern and innovative methods. I love collaboration and I am interested in bringing together music, dance, poetry, film and live art. Especially,  in line with my work in social and racial justice issues. I love experimental works, and hope to continue to explore experimental filmmaking and dance.

I’ve also volunteered my time in performing PR, event planning and promotional duties for organizations, and have some training in social media and how to use the web to promote your small business, nonprofit or grassroots organization. If you’ve been thinking about how to use/maximize the free/inexpensive services out there to get the word out about your awesome group, send me a message and let’s see what we can do. If you are from an all-volunteer organization with little or no funds, contact me anyway!

Thanks for visiting my site and  I look forward to sharing creative works and exchanging ideas with you!

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If you are in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in having video work done, please email me at spinninggoat@gmail.com or call 412-482-2242. I film in HD digital video and edit videos. I’ll provide an .mov  file and/or DVD.

I also do just video editing, so if you have footage from another source (preferably digital), or an existing video that needs work, I can edit or re-edit it for you.
I am interested in creating documentary, promotional videos, event videos (live music, dance, spoken word/poetry), interviews, and creative/experimental videos, including music videos.

If you are interested in hosting belly/fusion dancers at your event, please contact me!!!

For other promotional, PR, social media management needs, please send  an email or call me to discuss your needs.

If you are interested in a multimedia collaboration, please email or call me! I like to work with other creative people and syncretize ideas!

Chris Mason