New video: workworkworkwork

Re-edit of a collection of workers filmed by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, who studied workers’ motions in order to improve efficiency. He was also the central character in Cheaper by the Dozen.

Despite research into how to improve the ways in which workers do their work (Gilbreth wanted to improve conditions for workers, but some of his contemporaries just wanted to increase profits, rather than concern themselves with workers’ welfare), it still seems rather unnatural for human beings to be doing repetitive tasks, like a machine. In modern times, we hear about workers in factories being forced to do repetitive tasks in sterile conditions, without breaks or time to feel…human. Many have, sadly, killed themselves.

This is a short piece, showing the monotony and repetitiveness, seemingly driven by Gilbreth’s motion clock. It is also a study in early industry, which some may say was the beginning of the end of art in making things.

New video: pittsburgh lightscape – exp

Images I captured on my phone and point & shoot of downtown Pittsburgh lights + other night life. 🙂
Some photos blurred in such a way it reminded me of impressionist art.
And I layered some video taken on the incline and elsewhere to create some cool images.

Music: Orion by Livio Mosca from En Route! a compilation of French Electrodisco