Pittsburgh MLK Day 2015 Rally and March – Highlights Video

At least 1,200 people gathered in Oakland to rally and then march to the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2015. Main organizers: We Change Pittsburgh and the Merton Center Anti-War Committee; co-sponsored and endorsed by 46 groups dedicated to fighting injustice.

This video contains highlights from the rallies and march.
(excuse any poor video or audio near the end – had some technical difficulties! – Chris)


Fundraising Campaign and Film Festival Submission

I’m happy to report that I successfully submitted all materials on time to the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival last week. ( http://cinelasamericas.org/ )  the Festival is held in Austin, TX in April.  I will update if Machete Kisumontao el Documental gets chosen for screening!

I was able to submit thanks to some generous donors early on who helped me pay the entry fee.  I have been unemployed since Dec 20, but, thankfully, I start a new job on 1/20 (tomorrow).  Until I get settled, I have very little funds to live on, so I launched an indiegogo fundraising campaign to help with film festival entry fees, PR materials, dvds, and Spanish translation costs. I paid to produce the Machete documentary with my own very limited funds in 2014, so any and all help is appreciated to take this film to the next level and celebrate Puerto Rican music!
The next festival I have my eye on is in Puerto Rico: Rincón International Film Festival ( http://www.rinconfilm.com/ ) whose last deadline is 1/28 – but I like to do all the necessary entry requirements a few days before to avoid any delays and risk missing the deadline.  The entry fee is $40 plus any mailing and/or PR material fees.

And there are a couple other film festivals that would be great to submit to, only if I raise enough for the fees and mailings.

For a $20 donation, you get a dvd of the 46 min documentary PLUS bonus footage mailed to you!

Please help the campaign by contributing and spreading the word! Thank you!


Machetedoc.wordpress.com & indiegogo campaign

I started a separate site for the Machete Kisumontao documentary project – machetedoc.wordpress.com.  There is a bit more background about how the project started, some live performances, and the trailer and documentary short from vimeo.

I will be adding to the machetedoc site more production stills from the documentary this week, too!

I’ve also started an indiegogo campaign to help cover costs to send the documentary to film festivals this month, as well as promotional and transcription and Spanish translation services.  Please help if you can – $20 or more gets a dvd mailed to you!

Thanks so much for your interest and support!

Machete Kisumontao el Documental is HERE!

I posted to both vimeo and youtube. I prefer the quality of vimeo, but some have better access to youtube. Please share both links, if possible. Also, youtube tends to play at standard definition so may not look as good. But people can click the ‘gear’ icon on the youtube video and can choose 720 HD under Settings.

Any day now…

Computer & software issues are causing a delay in posting the Machete Kisumontao documentary……still! I did all kinds of workarounds and hoping it’ll upload now. Sorry for the delay! Next time I’ll wait UNTIL I have the file is all ready to go. 😛