Watch: “States Past” – 2 Minute Film Festival 2016

Here it is!

“States Past”

It started with an idea: find vintage home movies for all 50 states, from 1930 on. After searching the Prelinger Archives online, I found 45 films from 42 states, and started the task of sifting through about 16 hours of footage. I started with 57 minutes of highlights clips, then worked painstakingly to whittle it down to 2 minutes. In all there are 76 clips from 34 states.

The original music is composed by J. Trafford (of Suavity’s Mouthpiece) and Tom Moran. The composition matches perfectly with the look and feel of the clips.

History is really made up of moments among people and my hope is that with sharing diverse stories and media, we can find ways to come together and understand, rather than remain divided and ignorant.

Concept and editing by Spinning Goat Productions



Tom Moran: documentary project

Today, I spent 2 hours organizing all of the video footage I filmed of Tom Moran performances since Dec 2012. I’m getting inspired about the revised documentary on Tom and his unique musical talent. I hope to create an equally unique film that reflects his introspective, colorful and other-worldly music.
Stay tuned for updates about this project in late fall.



In the pipeline: new music video for “Sitcom” by Suavity’s Mouthpiece

I normally don’t post too far in advance about future projects, so as not to “jinx” them, haha, but I’m very excited about pre-production work I’ve started on a music video for “Sitcom” a song from Suavity’s Mouthpiece’s latest CD release Bellows. Go to to order the CD, which includes the bonus “Sitcom” track.

The video will be shot in Pittsburgh, and my influences for this one are 1920’s German cinema, expressionism, film noir, Maya Deren and Man Ray.

Stay tuned for updates on this music video project, which we plan to begin shooting in the fall!

*none of the photos are mine.

“States Past” to be screened at the 6th annual 2 Minute Film Festival!

I am super happy to announce that my film “States Past” will be screened as part of this year’s 2 Minute Film Festival! This is the third time I’ve screened at this festival and the pieces I have created for it are among my favorites.

In 2014, I used a song by Tom Moran and in 2015 a song by Suavity’s Mouthpiece.  So, naturally, I reached out to both Tom and Justin, of Suavity’s Mouthpiece, to compose original music for this year’s entry.  The music is wonderful and very fitting, and I cannot wait for everyone to see – and hear – what we came up with.

This year, there will be an Opening Night party at Row House Cinema on 7/15, with daily screenings at Row House from 7/15-7/20.

On 7/21, Carnegie Museum of Art will hold their usual screening on Third Thursday at 8 pm.

For more info and to buy tickets:

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