News: CMU project + new short film – digging through some archives…

I was working nonstop in February on a short film for Carnegie Mellon University’s International Film Festival Short Film Competition, which I just completed and submitted on February 26, 2017.  I’ll update everyone if I get word it has made it to the screening on March 31, 2017!

Once I finished that film, I noticed an old film project I had started, and was waiting for the right soundtrack, which I finally found! So, here is an informative, and trippy, video about makin’ records:


3 Rivers to Cuba project continues

#Cuba #indie #documentary

Update: this spring, I’ll be doing more work with even more film and photos I have from Cuba! This project isn’t over yet. 😉
I’ll also check around to see if I can book more free local screenings of 3 Rivers to Cuba documentary short. – Chris, director, Spinning Goat Productions