#indie #film #news Spinning Goat Updates – before (mini)VACATION

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Happy spring, everyone! (or fall, depending on where you are)

There is a lot going on now that spring, and better weather, is here – optimal conditions for film production. So, as usual, my schedule gets a little hectic.  As a small treat to myself, I’m heading to Boston for the weekend to recharge and wander around the city, eating Boston Creme Pie and pretending I go to Harvard (LOL).

But there is a lot to report on, and it’ll be full steam ahead once I’m back!

TRANS: extended documentary

As previously reported, I am extending the TRANS: documentary. I am busily, happily editing a 45 minute version. It includes more interview material from Ciora Thomas and Jude Benedict Ess, more information about issues facing Trans populations, an interview with homeless advocate Lyndsey Sickler, and spoken word and music.  A community screening is being planned in Pittsburgh during PRIDE month, and then I hope to set up a screening at local theaters over the summer, as well as enter the film into festivals around the world. Watch the 15 minute version online now (click on CC for subtitles):   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K10Pm-q6X8

New experimental film: Water is Life

I was out and about recently, getting b roll for TRANS: and other films, when I got some really cool footage of water, which has spurred an idea of creating an experimental documentary of sorts, highlighting the very true phrase that “water is life.” More details to come as this film takes shape, but I plan to include information about current water crises around the world, and the word water in at least 70 languages!  If you follow me on Instagram (spinning goat), I just posted three 30 second sneak peeks of the raw footage with a potential soundtrack.

Re-working  Musicians in the Wild with Tom Moran

In June, I’ll be back in the boneyard (Tom’s word) to interview Tom Moran, this time with an added guest interviewer and musician: Justin Trafford of Suavity’s Mouthpiece.  Tom and Justin will discuss Tom’s musical journey, and the challenges and freedom of pushing the envelope in the music world, past and present.  Some attitude and a lot of excellent music will occur. Watch the trailer for the version I released in 2015 (the 25 min film is also available to watch online):  https://vimeo.com/105504319

Coming up

I also have a new project in the early stages featuring a Pittsburgh superstar woman musician and educator. And getting back to re-editing the 3 Rivers to Cuba documentary, and assembling a photo collection from my trip to Cuba in 2016. I’m also slowly developing a script for an experimental film based on two Strindberg plays. And hopefully circling back to a music video project.

And….lots more, I’m sure, so STAY TUNED! 🙂


Director, Spinning Goat Productions