From Chris, Director of Spinning Goat Productions:

I’m thrilled to announce that the 35-minute short documentary “Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran” is now complete! (Note: a 20 minute version was previously submitted to the Three Rivers Film Festival Shorts Program).
And I just made the final deadline to enter it into the Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program.  Next up: submit to the SXSW Film Program, and go from there…

More updates coming and I’m still cutting a cool trailer, but here are some production stills from the film below.

Documentary overview:

Improvising the Divine is a short documentary profile of guitar, banjo, oud, and sitar player, Tom Moran, and his lifelong musical journey through rock, punk, bluegrass, world music, and every fusion in between. Through musical performances, storytelling, archives, and creative imagery, the documentary shows the power of music to awaken the creative spirit and transcend cultural barriers.
Interviews with Tom Moran, Stephanie Vargo, and featuring J. Trafford.
Original music by Tom Moran, Stephanie Vargo, The Deliberate Strangers, The Five, J. Trafford, Cousin Emmy & The Stanley Brothers, Elizabeth Cotten, Hazel Dickens, and Hamza el Din.
Additional video courtesy of Larry Rippel.
Improvising the Divine will take you on a musical journey, both worldly and otherworldly.
A homage to Tom Moran’s long and interesting career, to creative, independent musicians, and to the special place music holds in our lives.
 #musicsaves #supportlocalmusic #indiemusic
Produced by Spinning Goat Productions
Director: Chris Mason

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  1. I am anxious to view this .. Having known Tom for many years and seeing and hearing how he continues to expand and reinvent himself musically .. I think you’ve found the perfect subject!!!

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