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Hello Everyone,

I am still basking in the positive response (and thunderous applause) we got at the premiere screening of Improvising the Divine: the Music of Tom Moran documentary.  The theater at Pittsburgh Filmmakers was packed (we had to bring in a few extra chairs to accommodate everyone!) It was a testament to Tom Moran’s unique talent, spirit, and generosity, and a touching farewell for me. I will be entering the film into a few film festivals once I get situated after my move to Philadelphia.  I will update you all on any progress with festivals and if/when the film will be available to view online.

So, the big move to Philly is happening in just a few days. I am very excited, nervous, and super ready to take the next steps to keep creating art that educates and uplifts.  I am looking forward to figuring out where next to take my talents and education to benefit people, and attempt to remove the barriers that continue to be put up and reinforced by those in power.  I hope to contribute as much as I take away from my studies in the field of Visual Anthropology at Temple University.  I may even get a chance to study in India next summer!

It’s kind of a new feeling for me to be on the verge of possible success and growth in this way, and I am proud of myself for never giving up even when it seemed there was no clear path to achieving my goals. Going forward, I hope to connect with more women filmmakers and anthropologists and focus more directly on the issues and barriers women face, but also on the ways they are persevering and carving out their own spaces in this often violent world.

I will be on a short hiatus while I get situated in Philly, but will be back to update you about Tom’s documentary and any other interesting projects I’m working on and learning about.

Thank you all for your support over the last 6 years.  Without it, I may not have gotten this far. I’m also extremely grateful to Pittsburgh Filmmakers School and my documentary instructor, Will Zavala, and Community College of Allegheny County, where I took my first anthropology classes as part of my 2-year degree.

May you all find a way to your dreams and goals, and keep envisioning a better world.  It may be dark right now, but always let light in, and we will get there.

Chris Mason

Founder and Director

Spinning Goat Productions



Improvising the Divine documentary premiere was a success!

On 7/7/18, 60 people packed the theater at Pittsburgh Filmmakers to see the premiere of Improvising the Divine: the Music of Tom Moran, and it was well received! A memorable experience for the audience, Tom and me. 4+ years of hard work, without a crew, without money paid off big time with all of the accolades we received after the film.

The next step is to submit to film festivals, and eventually make it available to watch online. Updates to come!

As a special treat, Tom Moran played a set on electric sitar after the screening.  I had always wanted to do video projection during one of Tom’s live shows, so I put together a video to play during Tom’s last improvised piece.  We did not rehearse this – we just let art take its course.  And it paid off.  Watch the video of the performance here: