When We Look ~ online exhibit about hunger and food waste launched today #photography #documentary

When We Look ~ https://spinninggoat.wordpress.com/when-we-look-online-exhibit-on-hunger-and-food-waste/

While studying at Temple University, I took an informative and inspiring class at Tyler School of Art called Social Documentary Photography, taught by successful and dynamic artist Martha Madigan. The class was designed to use fine art skills to convey ideas about the issues of hunger and food waste, continuing the tradition of documentary photography. We worked with Philadelphia-based food rescue group Philabundance and toured local organizations like Broad Street Ministry and neighborhood gardens like Glenwood Green Acres in North Philly.

My approach to the project was both artistic and anthropological and as a result I created a 16-photo exhibit entitled “When We Look.” The photos are presented in pairs with narrative captions and explore different cultural aspects of food, hunger and waste. In lieu of an in-person exhibit (prevented by coronavirus), I am posting this documentary photo series online (scroll below).

My hope is that these images will inspire you to think about food, your relationship and access to it, and to find out more about hunger, food waste, and food rescue in your community. A term like “hunger” is a word that describes so much and nothing at all if we do not look deeper into what it means and who it affects.

I welcome comments and questions about any of the photographs or ideas presented; feel free to post a comment or email me at spinninggoat@gmail.com or connect on Twitter @cmason242 or Instagram @spinninggoat

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~ Chris Mason

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