I noticed last time that I had started this “7 Years of…” series in 2021, and now I’m in the 8th year of Spinning Goat haha. But we’ll go with it…

I’m lucky to keep getting/ taking opportunities to be creative with film since I took my first filmmaking course in 2012, and it’s been fun and instructive (for me) to reflect on the work I’ve done and my progress over time. I’ve learned so much about filmmaking, storytelling, and myself as an artist, that I could only have learned by just getting out there, making mistakes and experimenting, and doing a lot of hard work.

I’m still learning and growing, and there are some interesting opportunities coming up this year to apply what I’ve learned in both filmmaking and anthropology, to get more valuable and important stories out into the world, and share my love of storytelling and visual arts with more of you.

More details to come about my upcoming trips to Greece and South Africa later this year. But for now, let us ponder (lol) the meaning of life…

ponder is a film I conceived in 2015, and re-edited a bit in 2017. I searched for found footage of microscopic pond life and other microbial friends, and added a voiceover consisting of quotes by famous philosophers. I liked the play on words with ponder and pond. So deep. 😉

Sit back and relax with this one – it is a bit meditative, especially with the soundtrack by Massive Attack.