If you are interested in having video work done, please email the director, Chris Mason at spinninggoat@gmail.com or call her at 412-482-2242. Filming done in HD digital video, 4-channel sound recording, lighting and basic set design.

Chris also handles creative consultation, script writing, voiceover recording, and all aspects of post-production: editing, sound design, and color correction.

From Chris, founder and director:

I am very detail oriented and approach every project from an artistic perspective. I am able to work quickly, but with attention, and communicate with clients and collaborators often. I am a storyteller, with words and images. My setup is small, but effective, so I can provide a professional product without breaking your budget. I also offer at least a 50% discount on rates if you are part of a small nonprofit, grassroots collective, volunteer organization, or individual artist.  I want to produce something that looks and sounds great, makes you happy, and helps you succeed!


*Nonprofit/individual artist discounts available – please inquire*

Freelance video production rate: $75/hour for filming and pre-production (billed on the 1/2 hour; 1 hour minimum)

Consulting on your film or photo project (you are producing): $50/hour (billed on the 1/2 hour; 1/2 hour minimum)

Editing/post-production: $100/hour (billed on the 1/2 hour; 1 hour minimum for videos 5 minutes or less; 2 hour minimum on videos over 5 minutes)

Flat rate to process raw video footage: $50 if under 15 minutes; $100 if 15-60 minutes; $200 if over 60 minutes)

DAY RATE is $275 for 1/2 day /4 hours (minimum), $550 for day/8 hours; hourly rate of $75 in excess of 8 hours (rounded up to nearest 1/2 hour).

Check out my work on vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/spinninggoat

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-mason/44/8b8/546/

If you are interested in a multimedia collaboration, please email or call me! I like to work with other creative people and syncretize ideas!

Spinning Goat Productions




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