photo by ivette spradlin

Spinning Goat Productions: an independent filmmaking entity founded in 2013

From Founder & Director, Chris Mason:

I am an independent, woman filmmaker who launched Spinning Goat Productions (SGP) to produce documentary and experimental visual works. SGP is not a separate business (yet), but a production moniker. In addition to films, I am interested in collaborating on multi-media productions that incorporate music, dance, poetry, theater, and other modes of creative expression.

In May 2020, I graduated summa cum laude inVisual Anthropology from Temple University. Prior to this, I attended Pittsburgh Filmmakers from 2012-2014, focusing on documentary video production and in 2011, I obtained my A.S. in General Studies with a concentration in Anthropology from CCAC. I plan to combine the knowledge I’ve gained through my education and experiences to create/collaborate on film and multi-media works that explore identity, representation, memory, and that are dedicated to fighting racism and fascism.

I love learning and I take advantage of online courses and other internet resources as well as attending relevant trainings and conferences, and classes related to filmmaking and social change. I believe that my ability to make connections and to explore the spaces around and in between different subjects makes me a good researcher, storyteller and artist.

I have a background is in cultural anthropology, history, and social justice, focusing on worldwide cultures and diaspora populations, and the role of media and artistic expression. I have a desire to produce ethnographic and culturally relevant films, that (re)discover music, traditions and other cultural practices that were mis- or under-represented in the past, or currently are in danger of being lost to future generations.

I use creative and artistic production techniques to bring a story alive and to appeal to a variety of audiences.  I accomplishes this using music, spoken word, experimental visuals, and innovative approaches to storytelling, along with more traditional documentary elements.

I place emphasis on sharing people’s stories in their own words. I want their words and perspectives, shaped by their unique life journeys to guide me in crafting a film into a living history. I also use my extensive training in cultural competence, ethnic studies, and nonviolent communication to approach each film participant – and subject matter – with care, respect and context.

Many of my films are a meditation and reflection on what is means to be human. History is really just a collection of many stories and perspectives. However, there are a lot of stories and perspectives that have been, or still remain, hidden, because they often reveal inequities and other struggles faced by members in a society. My hope is that uncovering these stories will inspire respectful understanding and lead to creative solutions for a better, more equitable future.


I am a former musician, and I have a keen interest in using and studying music as an expression of individuals in response to, and as a product of, their environments and daily lives. How music is used to express both joy and sorrow, transmit information about daily life, and, often, as a form of resistance and empowerment. Figuratively, music and other arts are closest to the “soul” of a culture, and serve a practical purpose.  Music has been, and can be used, to heal divisions between groups separated by economics, racism, and misunderstanding. My ultimate goal with each film is for viewers to learn at least one new thing they didn’t know and to see something – or someone – in a different light.  This helps to promote a deeper understanding of ourselves and our role in our societies.

See past screenings page for public screenings at festivals and special presentations

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Contact Chris: 412.482.2242 IG: @spinninggoat




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