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I am an independent, woman documentary and experimental filmmaker/videographer with an emphasis on unique storytelling projects that explore music, culture and history of diaspora populations.  I also produce social justice videos, and experimental pieces that incorporate poetry, philosophy and archive films. I have experience filming live events: dance and music performances, and lectures and readings. I took my first documentary video class in 2012, and I’m off and running trying to make films that contribute to our rich historical and artistic heritage, with emphasis on the untold stories of the People. I’m also technically adept at directing, cinematography, sound design, and editing of both video and audio.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, starting my school career at Duquesne University as a chemistry major.  After one semester, I realized I loved almost every subject and explored a truly liberal arts education (art history, drama, literature, electronic music, philosophy), though I still couldn’t decide on a major. I spent the next decade or so working for small businesses, and talked and interacted with people from all walks of life, thus nurturing my independent spirit and interest in people’s stories of their lives.  From 2007-2013, I worked for a community grantmaking foundation in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and got more involved in social justice and human rights initiatives, including Amnesty International Pittsburgh, Occupy Pittsburgh, and WHAT’S UP?! Pittsburgh. In 2011, I finally completed my associates degree at CCAC, concentrating in anthropology, social studies and ethnic/minorities studies.

In summer of 2012, I took a documentary video workshop at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and FINALLY found my true love: filmmaking.  It might sound cliche, but I feel like I was always a filmmaker, but without a camera.  My true talent lies in documentary filmmaking and telling others’ stories, truly collaborating with them to present a piece that represents who they are, their story and their culture in a visually beautiful and contextual way.  In addition to producing zero-low budget documentaries and experimental videos, I have shot promo and event videos for the Neighborhood Learning Alliance, Dobra Tea Pittsburgh, Cafe con Leche, Inclusant, New Voices Pittsburgh, the Summit Against Racism, and the Latin American Cultural Union, as well as for individual musicians and dancers. In early 2015, I completed a documentary about Pittsburgh Puerto Rican band Machete Kisumontao which screened in festivals in Puerto Rico and New York. I’m also working on a follow-up companion project profiling Puerto Ricans in Pittsburgh. In 2015-2016, I will be working on a feature documentary about Guaracha Latin Dance Band, and Afro-Cuban music and culture.

Other projects I plan to work on include experimental documentaries and art films about women’s issues, social inequalities, and deconstructing colonialism and imperialistic cultural dominance. I’m looking for collaborators: writers, dancers, musicians, performance artists, poets, philosophers and other filmmakers. Let’s talk, and CREATE!

1839mag artist profile: Chris Mason

Thanks to Yvonne, Huny and the staff of 1839mag for putting together this awesome article about filmmaking and Latin artists in Pittsburgh.  Well done!

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IPRHFF 2015: “Machete Kisumontao el Documental” will screen on November 14, 2015 in NYC

I received the detailed schedule and “Machete Kisumontao el Documental” will screen at 6:30 pm on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at the Riverside Theatre, 91 Claremont Avenue, (@120th) New York, NY  10027, as part of the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival!  We are planning a road trip from Pittsburgh to attend the screening.
Message me at if you are interested in heading up to NYC!

Link to purchase tickets:



Still from Machete doc: Geña 'conducting'
Still from Machete doc: Geña ‘conducting’

International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival – schedule coming soon!

OK, I’m still waiting on the detailed schedule, but I received the list of official selections for the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, and Machete Kisumontao el Documental was 1 of only 50 films selected! WEPA!
I’ll share schedule details once I have them, and several of us are planning to travel to NYC for it (Nov 11-15).



FREE Screening/ Ver GRATIS: Machete Kisumontao el Documental Oct 8th at 7 pm!

Catch it before it heads to New York City for the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in November!

Sponsored by Carlow University’s Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives
version con subtítulos en español
Location: 2nd Floor of the newly renovated University Commons, on Carlow’s campus
Light refreshments provided; there is also a cafe that sells coffee, sodas and snacks. Accessible elevator to 2nd floor.
Join us for a FREE screening of Pittsburgh-produced, zero-budget documentary “Machete Kisumontao el Documental. The film explores the music and history of Puerto Rico through the songs and storytelling of Pittsburgh Puerto Rican band Machete Kisumontao. This is the first documentary directed and produced by independent filmmaker, Chris Mason (Spinning Goat).
The film made its world premiere at the Rincón International Film Festival in April 2015, and was recently accepted to the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival held in NYC November 11-15, 2015!
Q & A after the film with Chris Mason, and Gloria Rodriguez Ransom from Machete Kisumontao.

Run time: 47 minutes; in English with Spanish subtitles (songs are in Spanish)
Light refreshments provided; there is also a cafe that sells coffee, sodas and snacks. Accessible elevator to 2nd floor.
7-9 pm

Link to map of Carlow:
Patrocinado por la Oficina de Inclusión e Iniciativas Interculturales de la Universidad Carlow

version con subtítulos en español

Únase a nosotros para una proyección gratuita de la producida en Pittsburgh, documental de presupuesto cero “Machete Kisumontao El Documental. La película explora la música y la historia de Puerto Rico a través de las canciones y la narración de Pittsburgh Rica banda de Puerto Machete Kisumontao.” Este es el primer documental dirigido y producida por el cineasta independiente, Chris Mason (Spinning cabra).
La película tuvo su estreno mundial en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Rincón en abril de 2015, y recientemente fue aceptado en el Festival Internacional de Cine de la Herencia Puertorriqueña celebrada en Nueva York nov 11-15, 2015!
Q & A después de la película con Chris Mason, y Gloria Rodríguez Ransom de Machete Kisumontao.

Duración: 47 minutos; en Inglés con subtítulos en español (canciones son en español)

7-9 pm