Improvising the Divine premieres in Pittsburgh on July 7, 2018

Improvising the Divine: the Music of Tom Moran premieres at Pittsburgh Filmmakers on July 7, 2018!

Watch the premiere of the 1-hour indie, zero-budget documentary by Spinning Goat Productions about the musical journey of Pittsburgh musician, Tom Moran. Tom’s 4+ decades of music-making, his art, and influences will be presented for your viewing – and listening – pleasure. Learn about the guitar, banjo, oud, and sitar music that Tom makes as he travels from rock to punk to bluegrass to Middle Eastern and Classical Indian music – and every fusion in between.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Documentary Salon program is graciously hosting this FREE screening!
6:30 pm: Doors open/food/social (some snacks, BYOB)
7:00-9:00 pm: Film screening, followed by short Q & A, then a music performance by Tom (ending with a special video projection)

Facebook invite:
Check out the flyer Tom made for the event!



“tunnel” experimental observational video submitted to Art All Night

My experimental observational short “tunnel” was submitted to Art All Night’s Video Lounge.  This is the 5th year I’ve submitted to Art All Night, and it may be last as I’ll be in Philly next year attending Temple University to complete my Visual Anthropology BA. 🙂

Art All Night is April 28-29, 2018:

Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran documentary is finished!

After a lot of time, energy, editing, and re-editing…and re-editing again, Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran documentary feature is complete! It is just under 1 hour long, and is filled with awesome music, musicians, and visuals.

I’m editing a new trailer that better reflects the finished film. We are hoping to host a screening and music performance (including live improv to projected video) in late spring.  More details to come!

If you know of a venue interested in hosting a screening and solo music performance, please email or get in touch with Chris or Tom.

Check out new still pics from the documentary:


New music video for Doors in the Labyrinth released Friday the 13th

Considering the subject matter, it seemed fitting to release this new music video for Doors in the Labyrinth’s new song “Death in Paris,” written in response to Trump pulling out the Paris Agreement a few months ago, on Friday the 13th.


Zero budget, DIY music video shot in Pittsburgh locations: the Strip District and South Side

featuring footage of
the Great Pacific garbage patch,
the BP oil spill (2010),
California wildfires,
Three Mile Island (PA),
Neville Island (Pittsburgh) (1972);
NASA model of a melting ice shelf,
drought in Niger,
tsunamis in Indonesia (2004) and Fukushima (2011),
and footage filmed inside a flooded nuclear reactor in Fukushima (2011)

Watch it now:

New! Trailer – Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran #indie #music #documentary

Hi, everyone, and Happy Fall!
Just sending a short note to let you know the official trailer for the new documentary short Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran is now available.
So far this short documentary has been submitted to Three Rivers Film Festival shorts, Sundance Shorts, SXSW Film Festival, and LA Undergound.  Full Frame and American Documentary Film Festival entries are up next. Then we WAIT. 🙂
Pittsburgh screenings are in the process of being discussed  – as always, I appreciate any referrals for locations to provide screenings. I may also launch an online fundraiser to help with festival entry fees and public screening costs, and, possibly, a film and music fest!
Thank you,
Chris Mason
Director, Spinning Goat Productions
Watch the trailer now:

UPDATE: Improvising the Divine documentary #indie #film #music

From Chris, Director of Spinning Goat Productions:

I’m thrilled to announce that the 35-minute short documentary “Improvising the Divine: the music of Tom Moran” is now complete! (Note: a 20 minute version was previously submitted to the Three Rivers Film Festival Shorts Program).
And I just made the final deadline to enter it into the Sundance Film Festival Shorts Program.  Next up: submit to the SXSW Film Program, and go from there…

More updates coming and I’m still cutting a cool trailer, but here are some production stills from the film below.

Documentary overview:

Improvising the Divine is a short documentary profile of guitar, banjo, oud, and sitar player, Tom Moran, and his lifelong musical journey through rock, punk, bluegrass, world music, and every fusion in between. Through musical performances, storytelling, archives, and creative imagery, the documentary shows the power of music to awaken the creative spirit and transcend cultural barriers.
Interviews with Tom Moran, Stephanie Vargo, and featuring J. Trafford.
Original music by Tom Moran, Stephanie Vargo, The Deliberate Strangers, The Five, J. Trafford, Cousin Emmy & The Stanley Brothers, Elizabeth Cotten, Hazel Dickens, and Hamza el Din.
Additional video courtesy of Larry Rippel.
Improvising the Divine will take you on a musical journey, both worldly and otherworldly.
A homage to Tom Moran’s long and interesting career, to creative, independent musicians, and to the special place music holds in our lives.
 #musicsaves #supportlocalmusic #indiemusic
Produced by Spinning Goat Productions
Director: Chris Mason